Rules & More

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General Rules

Dancers are not permitted to touch the judges or other
dancers/spectators whilst dancing.
No inappropriate dance moves or gestures are permitted
Outfits must be appropriate
Competitors are requested to dance in their own space during solos and duos.

Categories & Levels for Solos & Duos

Competitors numbers must be worn so judges can easily see them.
Dancers are only permitted to dance in one solo and/or one duo category.
Dancers must compete in the correct age category.


Dancers are only permitted to compete in 1 team 

Teams must be registered online prior to the event, please do this at no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Teams must consist of a minimum of 5 dancers.

Teams must compete in the correct age category:

Teams may consist of 25% of the dancers being older or younger than the

chosen category

75% of the team must be in the correct age category

Teams dance to their own music

Dancers must perform within the floor area, this will be clearly marked at each


Music time for beginners is a maximum of 2 minutes 

Music time for intermediate is a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds

Music time for advanced is a maximum  of 3 minutes 

Judges will be looking for teams that have various styles, formations, levels,

costumes, performance and originality

Team music must be sent via email

one week prior to the event

A copy of the team music must be brought to the event on a CD

It is the dance teacher/schools responsibility to ensure that team music has

been checked before the day of the event


A mixture of ages and abilities. 15-50 dancers.
Music time is a maximum of 3 Minutes. All performers can take part in normal teams and MegaCrews.